Sennheiser IE 300 – in-ear headphones with professional stage monitor headphone design

The CES always brings out great news. Today’s post is about new in-ear headphones from Sennheiser. If you read along a little here, you have probably already noticed one or the other Sennheiser headphone test. Today we’re talking about the IE 300 headphones, the design of which is based on the professional in-ear monitor headphones. The cable routing can apparently be individually adapted to your own ear.

In-ear headphones with professional stage monitor headphone design

It’s not just the cable routing that adapts perfectly to your ear, says Sennheiser. These can be bent and adjusted several thousand times. The cable is surrounded by a para-aramid reinforcement, which makes long-term use possible.

New nuanced in-ear headphones

The attachments that are included in the scope of delivery also do this. On the one hand, you will find two pairs of silicone knobs and three pairs of memory foam. You may know the latter from the large over- and on-ear headphones, which can be very comfortable when worn for a long time. In addition to the wearing comfort, there is of course also the fact that there is also passive noise suppression.

The 7 mm extra wide band converter

The heart of the new IE 300 headphones should be the new 7 mm XWB converter. According to the press release from Sennheiser, this offers a warm and detailed resolution. Of course, that makes you curious about a test.

The headphones in detail
The headphones in detail

Jerome Köhnke, Product Manager at Sennheiser says about the new headphones:

“When you have a passion for good sound, the details are what count. We carefully designed the IE 300 to reproduce every nuance in the music. “

“The IE 300 is designed as an everyday companion that delivers outstanding audio quality regardless of the environment.”

Well then, Sennheiser, you made me curious, I’m looking forward to my test with the new headphones.

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